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In person February 23rd to March 3rd

at Ganapati School of Yoga, Mallow Cork.

The Art of Yin is the only 100 Hour Functional Yin Yoga Teacher Training entirely facilitated by a Senior Teacher & Trainer Pro with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

The Art of Yin: About


Are you a yin yoga student who wants to teach?

Or a yoga instructor who aspires to be a brilliant yoga teacher?

Or a curious seeker who knows embodiment is where true growth lies?

The Art of Yin is for anybody who has ever felt confined within or frustrated by the excessive aesthetic focus that dominates much of the modern yoga world. It is for yoga instructors who are called to better serve their students, uplevel their teaching skills, and learn how to embody and transmit the yin practice from a grounded self-awareness.

The Art of Yin: Welcome



World-class teaching is much more than delivering content. Great teachers embrace their personal practice and their inner landscape, and understand the value of great questions - when they’re asking them, and when they’re contemplating them.

This is the true integrity of masterful teaching and space-holding. Great teaching can be encouraged through self-reflection and meditation, and ultimately is dependent on how willing you are to meet your whole self; no striving, no holding back. 

“Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” - Parker Palmer

My work is to help yoga practitioners and instructors develop a more embodied connection to their bodies and minds and to reinstate critical thinking, discernment and self-inquiry as the heart and core integrity of each teacher’s personal and professional development. 

Those I teach, mentor and guide, are on a path to uncovering their own inner teacher. They embrace their inner work as a pre-requisite for holding masterful space, and are already courageously and whole-heartedly walking along their own individual path.

Teachers who successfully complete this training will be awarded a 100 Hour certificate with Yoga Alliance Professionals, where you will form part of a select group of exceptionally well-educated yin teachers.

The Art of Yin: About


Grace Tempany

"My work is to guide and gently question as I help you find your own teaching voice. Integrity first and foremost. Connection. Growth. Honesty always - even when it’s uncomfortable. Discernment and self-reflection. 

My ultimate goal is to be, one day, no longer necessary to my students’ growth - I want to train boldly empowered teachers and self-reflective practitioners who fully embody the space they hold with grace and wisdom and gentle strength.

A teacher, mentor, teacher trainer and fellow traveller on this path, I am honoured to facilitate this Art of Yin teacher training and inner teacher unveiling with you."

Grace Tempany is a Senior Teacher & Trainer Pro with Yoga Alliance Professionals

Founder of International School of Functional Yoga Teachers

The Art of Yin: About


Absolutely yes, if:

  • You wish to befriend your inner landscape and learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body;

  • You’d like to bring the Art of Yin practice into your healing and growth;

  • You are curious about the clear simplicity of the functional (as opposed to aesthetic) approach to teaching yoga (The teaching of Paul Grilley, founder of the Art of Yin Practice)

  • You are seeking teacher training that prioritises personal practice;

  • You are ready to come to know your whole self on a more intimate level;

  • You welcome questions to guide your journey; 

  • You aspire to learn the skills to be a more impactful yoga teacher of all styles, and not just yin;

  • You are willing to step outside your comfort zone and explore new territory;

  • You embrace the (minimal) additional reading, practice and homework completion that are part of this training (not excessive: I estimate homework across all three parts would be 10 hours max).

The Art of Yin: About


Maybe not right now, if:

  • You are looking for an add-on to add to what you offer, and you see yin yoga as a nice way to have a ‘break’ from teaching vinyasa or hatha;

  • You are not particularly open to engaging in self-reflection;

  • You do not feel that you do not need to receive feedback on your teaching;

  • Your regular personal yin practice does not have some place in your schedule, and value in your life;

  • You have a tendency to avoid discomfort, and are not open to looking at that avoidance and leaning into it;

  • You don’t appreciate questions as teaching tools;

  • You do not really value the art of teaching as a craft to master.

The Art of Yin: About


I’m so yinterested, but I don’t teach yoga currently. Can I sign up?

Absolutely. This is not a problem for committed practitioners. On nearly every training I have run there have been participants who did not desire to teach. Some do change their mind throughout the course of the training, but many are content to be immersing themselves in the practice they love, and they embark on the journey for the contemplative opportunities and practices that the training provides. If you have questions or doubts, why not book in for a (zero obligation!) chat and you can run your concerns by me? I have no interest in working with people who are not aligned with the energy and vision of the teachings, so you don’t about to worry about being signed up to something for which you are not a good fit.

The Art of Yin: About


Do I need to have completed a 200hr general yoga training when I enrol?

Not at all. Because I prioritise everyones’ personal yin practice and teaching practice, each teacher leaves with a much stronger connection to their bodies, irrespective of their former training. The Art of Yin involves a fair amount of unlearning, and that is the common denominator irrespective of how much training you have completed prior. All real learning starts with embracing your ‘tabula rasa - beginner’s mind’, and calling on your discernment as you progress through the content, practices and teachings.

The Art of Yin: About


Start Date: Friday February 23rd

Finish Date: Sunday March 3rd

Training Hours: 9:30am to 6pm

Location: Ganapati School of Yoga, Mallow Cork

Investment: €1700 when paid in full before August 31st 2023 through bank transfer or Revolut.

Full Cost €1895

Non-Refundable Deposit of €300 necessary to secure your place at this course, deposit to be paid through payment link below, remaining balance through bank transfer or Revolut. 

Payment plan available on request, 10 monthly payments of €200, balance must be paid in full before training begins.​ Payments to be made by bank transfer or Revolut. 

For any questions please email

The Art of Yin: About
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