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June 18th to 21st 2023
Santa Cruz, Lisbon, Portugal.



You deserve an adventure. It's time to feel alive, inspired and reconnected to the natural world. Natural bliss awaits!

Practice all aspects of Yoga from asana, pranayama and meditation in a paradise environment guided by our highly experienced Yoga teacher Claudia Escobar. The styles of Yoga that we will practice at this fabulous retreat are:

- Vinyasa Yoga

- Yin Yoga

- Restorative Yoga

Classes will be suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Yoga is for Every Body but if you have any questions about your ability or experience please feel free to get in touch.



Along with blissful yoga classes you will also be on your board surfing on the pristine Praia de Santa Cruz, an area that is lavishly gifted with great uncrowded waves all year round. 

Witness everything from the impossible clear blue water to the sweeping panoramic views that extend as far as the Cabo Carvoeiro lighthouse and the Berlengas islands.

Yoga Retreat Portugal 2023: Offerings


With each one of your Surf classes you will be under the careful eye of our highly experienced surf instructors where you will receive elite level instruction and care. These surfing classes are suitable for complete beginners and advanced surfers, all equipment will be provided.



- 4days/ 3 nights accommodation- Day trip to the beautiful towns of Óbidos & Nazaré. - Delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). - Yoga classes- 2 Surf classes - Welcome pack - 1 Hiking experience - Transport to the beach - Bed linen, towels and beach towels - Group transfer from Lisbon to Santa Cruz and back on first and last day of retreat.

Yoga Retreat Portugal 2023: Offerings


Flights to and from Lisbon, Portugal.



Surfcamp 360º is the result of Rui and Andreia's love for nature, surf and all the natural things that make the world a better place.
More than an accommodation, it’s a lifestyle, where leisure, joy and adventure rule.
Catch this wave of good vibes! Revitalizes body and mind, in a complete and harmonious experience, full of Sea, Sun, harmony and interaction!

Yoga Retreat Portugal 2023: Offerings


Nazaré, Portugal, Atlantic coast: these are the coordinates of Surfer’s Paradise. Here you can see the highest waves in the world. Waves of an absurd size, called Big Waves. But Nazaré is not just waves and surf. Nazaré is wide beaches, stunning views, and memorable sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean.



The mediaeval town of Óbidos is one of the most picturesque and well preserved in Portugal.
Surrounded by a classic crenellated wall, Óbidos’ gorgeous historic centre is a labyrinth of cobblestoned streets and flower-bedecked, whitewashed houses livened up with dashes of vivid yellow and blue paint.

Yoga Retreat Portugal 2023: Offerings


Sun Room

The Sun Room symbolizes our sun, summer, wealth and happiness! Yellow is the main color in the Sun Room, evoking all the light, heat, energy and happiness the Sun gives us!
It has two individual beds, which can be joined together. Therefore, it can be booked as a room for a couple or as a shared room (max. 2 people).

Sea Room

Sea Room is inspired in our sea. Blue is the dominant colour, evoking harmony and serenity, for those who value happy and peaceful dreams.

It has two individual beds, which can be joined together. Therefore, it can be booked as a room for a couple or as a shared room (max. 2 people).

Nature Room

Nature Room represents Nature.

Green gives the feeling of tranquility and peace of mind, for a pleasant and harmonious stay!

It has two individual beds, which can be joined together. Therefore, it can be booked as a room for a couple or as a shared room (max. 2 people).

World Room

World Room brings together the symbolism of all the elements that are the essence of Surfcamp 360º: Sun, Sea and Nature. Moreover, since the World Room has three bunk beds it can accommodate up to six people, it also stimulates interaction, harmony and lovely evenings of sharing and laughter!

Cabin Pods

Two charming cabin pods which offer peace, serenity and connection to nature. A truly unique experience that will help you relax and unwind in comfort. A beautiful experience awaits! 

Yoga Retreat Portugal 2023: Offerings


World Room

€450 Sharing Accommodation

Sun, Sea & Nature Room

€650 Individual Accommodation

€1050 Couple Accommodation

€500 Sharing Accommodation (min 2 people)

Cabin Pod

€650 Individual Accommodation

€1100 Couple Accommodation  

Non refundable deposit  of €200 per person is necessary to secure your booking. Payment Plan:

- Second Payment of €250 due 15th of March.

- Balance due 15th of May

- Once payments on plan have been made they are non refundable. 



Yoga Retreat Portugal 2023: Offerings
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